November 23, 2015 

Family and Friends,
What an incredible week it has been. I might add that it was one of the most rewarding and incredible weeks of my mission. I give all thanks to the Lord for the miracles he has wrought in my life as well as the lives of His sons and daughters here in Washington. I hope and pray you all feel the same wherever you may be located. It's amazing that coming closer to Jesus Christ can come to pass EVERYWHERE, it's not a matter of where or what time, but our willingness to feel his presence in our lives.
I'd like to give you a day by day highlight of my week because it was so incredible. 
Monday-Tuesday: Two days full of miracles and watching the gospel take effect in the lives of our Brothers and Sisters. "I'm just waiting for my husband to get home from Seattle so I can marry him and get baptized already!" Say whaaaa...... I love those moments. 
Wednesday: We were blessed to have the opportunity to attend the temple. The blessings that come from attending the temple are incomprehensible. I look forward to one day having the opportunity to attend the temple on a weekly basis. It was just the boost I needed to finish my mission strong and stay focused on my purpose to invite others to come unto Christ. After the temple, we drove to the Mission Office and I got to see the Thompson's and the Call's! I have such a deep love for these couples that have had an everlasting impact on my life. They also claim that I was their trainer, but I find that hard to believe because I hope and pray I can follow in their footsteps later in life. After many hugs, they led us to the car we would be driving back to Wenatchee. WHAT?! We're now getting a car?! We hoped into a 2016 Toyota Corolla that had 12 miles on the odometer. Elder Kiser and I were beyond grateful for this blessing, especially as we approach a cold winter season. We drove back to Wenatchee and had another incredible night with those we are teaching.
Thursday-Friday: We were able to participate in several service projects and enjoy one another's company. I absolute love Elder Kiser. That night, I got word that Rocky (a former investigator) was getting baptized the following day. This text came in at 9:00pm at night. "Rocky would like you to baptize him Elder Smith. You can go, you just have to find a member to drive you." I thought to myself, it's 9:00pm, who can I call and who would be willing to drive 4 hours tomorrow? I said a quick prayer in my heart and the first people we called was the White family. After asking the question at such a late hour, Sister White said, "Yakima? Like Yakima, Yakima? My daughter has a soccer game tomorrow in Yakima and we got two extra spots!" My heart was touched and I knew the Lord wanted me to attend the baptism. I was in "awww" for the rest of the night and anxious for the following day.
Saturday: The baptism of Rocky. My heart was full of joy for Rocky as he entered into the Waters of Baptism. Gratefulness filled my heart as I lifted him down out of the water. After 8 months of meeting with missionaries, all his hard work payed off. His humility to listen to the promptings of the spirit urged him to Baptism. "This is only the first step," said Rocky in the dressing room. Rocky will be a life long friend who I will never forget.
Sunday: Stake conference for the Wenatchee Stake. The Spanish Meeting began and it was absolutely phenomenal. After about an hour the Stake President announced, "We would like to hear three testimonies, Victor Villalobos, Maria Guttierez, and Elder Smith." OH BOY! It's ironic how Hispanic sounding the other names are and then mine, Elder Smith. hehe. I found it a huge privilege to bear my testimony of the divinity of this church.
And that was my week! It was quite a blast.

Love Always,
Elder Smith


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