A Savior is Born

November 30, 2015 

Family and Friends,
December has come! The snow is falling, the ground is slippery, and the Hispanics are going in for the season! What better gift could we give this season than a knowledge that we have a loving Savior. He'll be by our side this Christmas season as we discover and embrace the gift he has given. He is the true gift of Christmas. He knows us, he cares for us, he can bridge the gap from sorrow to everlasting happiness. 
Our week was incredible. As the dreaded day of December 18th comes closer, my heart is full of a bitter-sweet feeling. I hope and pray that I have done everything I could to fulfill my purpose as a missionary and share the good news of the restored gospel. This gospel changes us and molds us into the men and women our Heavenly Father wants us to be. It's all made possible through His son, Jesus Christ. Imagine a world without a Savior. Darkness and gloom with fill our hearts. Therefore, may we all commit to lift those who need comfort and provide hope for the weary this Christmas season. This website might help you spread the cheer.
It was Thanksgiving week and we spent dinner at the Haag's home. They are wonderful members who help us out in countless ways. I wish to express gratitude to my family for being a light and a source of happiness for me in my life. I wouldn't be serving a mission without the Heavenly help The Lord has given me. This Heavenly help, was each one of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Yesterday, I was thankful to attend the baptism of a former family I was teaching. The Ceja family. Tears filled my eyes as they all entered into the water. It has taken a lot of work and a lot of prayers all in preparation for this special day. Our wonderful Brothers and Sisters are flocking to the font! It's been amazing to be blessed to witness all of these baptisms as I wind down for the last stretch of my mission. 
I love this gospel and I love my Savior. I know this church is true and I cannot deny it!

Love Always,
Elder Smith

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