Fuel the Flame

August 31, 2015

Family and Friends,
It's been an incredible week full of joyful experiences and moments. "Moments are the molecules that make up eternity." I'm going to be forever grateful for the priceless moments and memories I have acquired while serving this mission. I will NEVER lose my testimony because if I ever doubt, I will read through these emails and see all of the sacred experiences I witnessed. The Lord is preparing so many people to receive the message of the Restoration. If we have ears to hear and eyes to see, we will see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can touch everyone we come in contact with. 
On Saturday, August 29th, Ray was baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Ray was so excited and tears rolled down his eyes as he came out of the water. My heart was full of gratitude and you could not deny the spirit in the room. The day after, he was confirmed as a member of the church and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. That wonderful gift that gives us direction and warns us of danger. The still small voice that is with us at all times and in all places if we are worthy to receive His promptings. 
We are looking forward to a busy week of training's and transfer planning. We have MLC tomorrow and will be preparing today. MLC (Mission Leadership Council). We are still pondering and applying the training's given from Elder Packer last week. This past week, I went on exchanges with Elder Turley and Elder Krogue. These two missionaries are the happiest missionaries I have come in contact with. They're the type to just say out of the blue, "Elder Smith, life is so wonderful, I just love life so much!" I love people who have a positive and uplifting attitude like these two great leaders. 
Let us all enjoy the happiness and joy that comes from the gospel. We have so many reasons to rejoice and thank the Lord in prayer for all that he has given us. I hope your week is full of endless memories. 

Love Always,
Elder Smith