Walk His Walk

May 25, 2015

Family and Friends,
The weather is getting quite warm and the short sleeved shirts are coming out! It's been wonderful traveling the mission and seeing all the beautiful green farmland. As the flowers sprout and the plants grow, you can't help but thank the Lord for providing such beauty. 
This week has been very exciting and filled with faith building experiences. We had the opportunity to travel around Washington and give training's at zone conference's about the importance of teaching to the commitment we leave our investigators. It was so wonderful seeing all of the missionaries and the spirit they provide. They all set such a wonderful example for me. We've been very busy traveling every night, but it is worth every second of exhaustion. It's actually not at all exhausting because we have so much fun. I have really enjoyed spending so much time with Elder Stringham and trying to learn as much as I can from his great example. Below is a picture of all of the "Smith's" in the mission in one location! Elder Smith, Elder Smith, Elder Smith, and Sister Smith! 
I'd like to quickly bear my testimony about the power Jesus Christ will play in our lives if we exhort great faith in him. I know that he has the power to lift burdens, comfort, and provide us with light and understanding. I'm grateful for his atoning sacrifice which can both sanctify us and purify us. Through him we will be made strong and think less of ourselves and more about him. As we seek his light our power of discernment will increase in which we can then make enlightened choices. I love him so much and feel blessed to try to walk shoulder to shoulder with him.

Love Always,
Elder Smith

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