Our Daily Walk with Jesus Christ Provides Peace and Purpose

February 9, 2015 

Family and Friends,
First off, I want to say that I love you so incredibly much. Really, I am beyond grateful for the support you have given me and the love I feel from every one of you. Although we are far, I hope you can feel the gratefulness in my heart for the blessing you are in my life. I love the quote attached above given to us by President Uchtdorf. "Our daily walk with Jesus Christ provides peace and purpose." Something that continually catches my eye as I read this quote is the word "daily." I love how the journey to follow Christ is a process of not once a week or once a month, but every single day! As we continually make small and simple daily improvements to follow Jesus Christ more fully, we will feel illuminated by the peace which he brings into our lives. Once we understand his atoning sacrifice by living the doctrine of Christ daily, we will find purpose for this life. 
Our week has been extremely rewarding. The Fernandez family and the Dominguez family are still going strong and increasing their faith in Christ. This past week we received our transfer calls and I'm going to be transferred to Yakima, Washington. When I heard the news I definitely experienced a bitter sweet moment. It's going to be incredibly difficult to leave all of the amazing people I have met in Quincy. Quincy, like all of my other areas, is truly one of a kind. It's incredible that wherever you go you feel the same spirit and become accustomed to the community and wonderful people. Yakima will bring several more new adventures and keep me on my feet. President called on the same day and asked if I would be a Zone Leader. Of course I said I would love too. It will be a growing experience and keep me pretty busy. I thought time was going by fast before, but will now go faster. I will be serving with Elder Knowles. I truly know that the Lord calls on weak people like myself so I can grow personally through this wonderful experience.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Smith

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