Quincy, Washington

November 24, 2014

Family and Friends,
I hope you are all doing well and getting accustomed to this chilly weather. Out here in Washington we received some snow therefore coats were much needed. In reality, I actually like when it snows because more people are willing to let us in when we knock on the door due to the freezing weather. I'd rather get into houses and teach as opposed to knocking on doors.
Well, this week has been exciting, stressful, and full of new experiences. As I mentioned last week, I am now serving in Quincy, Washington. A little background about Quincy. It is a fairly small city, population of about 4,000 people and there is a high population of people that only speak Spanish. It seems as if I'm just bouncing from small city to small city which is something that I prefer. I say this because it makes our companionship more focused on finding the elect. I've been so blessed to serve in small cities. We also cover a little city called George, Washington. hahaha Pretty funny, right? But seriously! Also, it's been a learning experience "white-washing" an area. What this means is that both my companion and myself are new to the this area. It's been a little hard trying to figure out the ropes, but I am faithful that we will get it down soon. My companion just arrived from the MTC and his name is Elder Caskey. He's from Gilbert, Arizona and he came on a mission to work! I'm so grateful and appreciative to be his companion and be his trainer for the next 12 weeks. As we were striving to become familiar with the area this week, we noticed prayer play a huge role. Unfortunately, this area is moving a little slow right now, but we know with obedience and diligence the Lord can provide miracles. We are covering a Spanish branch and were welcomed into the branch by giving talks on our first. I just love when they do that;) 
As far as the living situation, we are in an apartment on the "sketchy" part of town. This is what we have been told... However, the town is so small I'm pretty sure it's all one side! hehe. I have just loved this area thus far and look forward to becoming more comfortable and knowledgeable of Quincy. 
In addition, this week we had a specialized zone conference in which Elder Arnold, from the Quorum of the Seventy, instructed us. It was a spiritual experience which I will never forget. Let's just say, he was definitely bold in the spirit of loving:) I received much guidance about the things that I must do to become a loving district leader. 
Getting transferred to this area has been rewarding. I can just feel and know that Quincy is the place I need to be at this time. My companion and I look forward to hitting the pavement and finding those who are ready to hear The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are going to do everything we can to become consecrated missionaries and put everything on the altar of sacrifice. The mission is hard, but more so, uplifting. I love you so very much and hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving week. Remember to also thank the Lord of what you are grateful for as well;) 

Love Always,
Elder Smith

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