WOOHOO! Man, This is an Awesome Experience!

 September 22,2014

Happy Fall! What in the world is happening to time? I'm really not a huge fan of there only being 24 hours in the day and 7 days in the week. However, the temperature is continually staying warm.  I'm not going to complain:) 
I always get so excited when I hear that my loved family and friends are doing well at home.  We are all having our memorable experiences in different parts of the world and truly living life to the fullest. 
My week in Warden, Washington has been nothing less than spectacular. The experiences you have and people you meet on the mission are indescribable. Through these memories, I have the opportunity to grow with those that I am teaching. Therefore, in a sense, we are both teaching eachother and coming closer to the light of Christ together.  I've truly gained a testimony that as Brother's and Sister's we share an important responsibility.  We obtain a power to change others, but it requires humilty and a true desire to give service.  Love, is the very essence of this gospel.  I have felt that love by other's on my mission and feel immensely blessed for the friends I have met on this journey.  
This week the Lord taught Elder Johnson and I through the experiences we encountered.  Unfortunately, one of our investigators which was going to be baptized this coming week got in some trouble with the law and will be unable to continue being taught at this point in time. It was pretty heartbreaking to see this man grow in the gospel, then let it quickly slip away. However, we know that we planted a seed in his heart and realize that faith in the Lord requires faith in his timing.  Through this experience, I've given a lot of thought to the way our Heavenly Father has us learn things. He has helped and guided Elder Johnson and I to approach this as an opportunity to grow as missionaries.  The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways and I am grateful that he seeks to help every one of his children on earth to grow individually. He loves us, he looks after us, and he never leaves us. I know that as we seek for him, he will manifest himself unto us.
Another thing that caught my attention this week was the strait and narrow path described in the Book of Mormon.  I thought to myself, what makes the path so narrow. Suddenly, I realized that the path at times may be hard to enter, but once you feel the overwhelming joy on the path, it is hard to go astray.  Also, to enter the path the Lord is telling us we need to leave some "cargo" behind to squeeze in that path of righteousness.  I thought to myself the cargo I need to leave behind to become a more effective missionary and servant of the Lord.  I would invite everyone reading this to consider the cargo they need to leave behind, in order to take that leap of faith onto the straight and narrow path. I know that as you do so, you will feel a change within yourself. You must give yourself to Him, for him to change YOUR nature.  Give him your desire and will.
I love you all so much and hope your week is incredible!:)
Love Always,
Elder Smith


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