O'wee'boww'ummm, Kun'i y’oo'

June 16, 2014
Kwa'unn' Familia y Amigos,
How is everyone doing? How's the World Cup? Is America going to win?  Well I can tell you what, most of the people here in Washington are rooting for Mexico and waving their flags loud and proud. Tracking while the World Cup is in progress is the greatest and worst thing for a missionary. Everyone is at home which makes it easy to find them, but unfortunately soccer is more entertaining than two white guys at your door:) Walking through the streets you can hear the Mariachi music pumping and hear "HIJOLE" being screamed.  
My week here in Othello has been wonderful.  We've been blessed to find several new investigators who are prepared to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  I've learned that through the power of specific prayers, we can receive specific answers.  A lot of changes and a change of heart need to made here in Othello, but with faith and real intent hard things become changeable.  My companion and I have noticed ourselves coming closer to Christ as we strive to achieve exact obedience. The work is truly hastening, and I am a witness of that every day.  
My companion and I are adjusting very well the the Ashtons house.  They have a basketball arcade machine that is very entertaining.  We play "horse" every single day! Also, the family owns a farm and has the connections to get us cherries almost every day. Washington Cherries are the greatest things I've ever tasted.  I was never a fan of cherries, but now I have a slight addiction.
Also this week we had the opportunity to take Brother Serna out with us a couple of times.  Brother Serna is my favorite member I've met on my mission.  He is such a kind and sincere man that needs to find himself a "pina"!  This Sunday, he noticed I didn't have a CTR ring and decided to give me his. I was beyond grateful and super appreciative to be given such a thoughtful gift.  
I love you all so very much and hope you have a great week! Stay cool and share the gospel with everyone.  

Love always,
Elder Smith

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