Othello, The Place to Be!

June 23, 2014

Family, Friends, and Dogs,
Well hello there strangers!  How is everyone adjusting to the hot summer weather? How is the water at the beach?  Is everyone making sure to apply there sun tan lotion everyday? The weather out here in Washington is getting a little warm and I actually think I'm getting tan....maybe.  However, I will always be one of the whitest kids in a town like Othello, Washington.   
My week has been absolutely fantastic and has flown bye in the blink of an eye! We've been blessed to continually find several new investigators who have been prepared by the Lord. We found 6 new investigators this week! As we proselyte in the warm weather all day, you definitely start to feel a little exhausted.  The joys of being a missionary:) 
Currently, we are trying to learn how to successfully OYM (Introduce the Gospel) in Mixteco.  Half the time they are impressed with white boys speaking Mixteco and half the time they look at us with a blank stare.  We have realized that within the Mixteco dialect, there are actually three different types of the dialect.  Alto, bajo, and some other name. "Kwa'unn' o'wee'ba'unn;. Shikan'di'shee'e'tu'umm'n'dioshi.  Sina'a de'do' o xa'a' jesucristo. Something along those lines and a lot more. We've been learning by simply asking every Mixteco person how to say a new phrase. Asking them if they speak Mixteco is actually a super efficient ice breaker when knocking on someones door as well! We're also going to start Mixteco ball on every Friday because they love to play "BASKET." <---There code name for basketball. Also, we will be having a tournament on August 1st. This will hopefully be an amazing way to get non-members excited to come to church!
There was no extremely unusual things that happened this week, just enjoying the missionary work. Although, I had the opportunity to roof an hour for 8 hours this week, that was some of the hardest labor I had ever done. Also, I've learned never to wear shorts when roofing a house:) However, if anyone needs a new roof, I'm pretty sure my companion and I are professionals at this point!  Also, IT'S CHERRY SEASON!  I've never consumed so many cherries in a matter of one week. Washington cherry's are truly desirable. 
All of our investigators are doing well. We have one investigator that we put on date last night named Isabel.  She is on date to be baptized the 19th of the following month. We had taught her about 2 months ago and she didn't seem to have an interest in our message.  We testified of the power of the Holy Ghost to answer her prayers if our message is true.  After 3 or 4 unsuccessful attempts to contact her we decided to not stop by again.  However, the other elders stopped by her house not knowing she was a former investigator and asked how she was doing.  She had received an answer that what we taught was true!  What an amazing opportunity we have to communicate with our father in heaven. We began teaching her yet again and set her baptismal date.  The Lord truly testified the truth unto Isabel and it has grown my testimony and her's as well. Working side by side with the Holy Ghost is a blessing beyond belief. I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the weather. 
I love and miss you all!

Love always, 

Elder Smith

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