5 Months Gone Already?

July 1, 2014 

Hola Familia y Amigos, 
Espero que todos ustedes esten teniendo un buen verano y de ir a la playa mucho. Voy a escribir mi primer párrafo en español y espero que vayan a entenderlo! Esta semana yo estaba pensando en todo de Ustedes como en casa y cómo los extraño mucho.  Les mantendré en mis oraciones en todo momento y espero que estén disfrutando de sus vacaciones de verano. También espero que el tiempo vaya por lenta para usted porque el tiempo va demasiado rápido para mí en mi misión!
My week was pretty fantastic. Missionary work is hard work, but a blast at the same time.  We have been getting a little hot here in Washington and it's going to hit 100 degrees!  I'm not sure I can handle hot weather and eat hot Mexican food all day. However, I don't think I will ever get sick of Mexican food my entire mission!  Arroz, Frijoles, Menudo, Pasole, etc. IT"S ALL SO GOOD! When we eat American Food, I actually get a little disappointed!  Some man actually asked me the other day what part of Mexico I was from?  I simply responded, "En serio, soy un guero!" (You serious, I'm a little white boy!) I was baffled.  However, hopefully this means I'm getting a little sun! 
Our investigators are all doing well!  We had a lesson with Natalio and it was amazing. Natalio works about 16 hours a day so it's been difficult to stay in contact.  We knocked on his door and he said he really wanted to read the Book of Mormon with us. YAY! He still has the desire to baptized, it's just been difficult for the entire Spanish culture during picking season.  Also, Mexico losing in the World Cup did not help our missionary work this week.  We decided to tract after the game and nobody was responsive.  Usually, we wave high to all the hispanics and get a wave back.  However, after the game....nothing!
We have also been focusing on finding new investigators.  We found a very nice man named Martin.  He lives next door to our Elder's Quorum President and we knocked into him.  We introduced the Book of Mormon and he said he would be baptized if he found out it was true.  I have utmost faith that he will find a connection to the Book of Mormon and his prayers will be answered:)  The Lord works in mysterious and incredible ways. I think we're going to be getting some success here in the near future.  Othello has been slow and the people haven't been tremendously responsive, but with diligence and obedience we can turn the hearts of Othello. 
I love you all so very much and hope you have a tremendous week!  Like I always say, there is not one day that goes by that I don't think about and pray for you.  Enjoy your summer!

Love Always,
Elder Smith

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