Last Week of Transfer

July 7, 2014 
How was everyone's Fourth of July?  I hope everyone's fingers are still in tact!  Did everyone watch a pretty exciting firework show?  Also, the weather is continuing to become hotter and hotter.  Here in Othello, Washington it almost hit 100 degrees this week and it's expected to get worse! For our fourth we had to be inside by 6 o clock p.m.  Therefore, we had a crazy night out planning for the following week.  However, the night after a member that lives next door let us shoot off some roman candles!  Sorry Mom:)  
The rest of the week surprisingly went by fairly slow. Usually weeks on the mission go by with just a blink, but this one was different.  I think it was due to the several hours of walking in the heat...that will make time go by fairly slow.  It's also amazing at all the opportunities we have to serve.  I feel like everyday we find an opportunity to do service for either a member or someone on the street.  I have gained such a powerful testimony of service in these past five months.  Service is a great way to show others your true love for them.  We've got a lot of service lined up for the following week and I'm so excited.  
Our investigators are not doing very great in all honesty.  It's a little disappointing when you think an investigator has so much potential, but then doesn't keep their commitments. However, they're always more people that are just waiting to hear the restored gospel.  We are going to focus on finding this coming week as well.  HOWEVER, we finally had another lesson with Natalio and it was awesome! We showed up to his trailer randomly and asked if we could come in.  He replied by saying, "YES, can we read that awesome book again?"  I was stunned and for a second didn't know which book he was talking about. "The Book of Mormon! Well Yeah!"  We had an amazing spiritual lesson with one of our members, Brother Serna. 
This week it seemed like all of the people we tracked into spoke Mixteco. It was so awesome:)  I love the loud laughter that the Mixteco's give when we speak Mixteco. We'll introduce ourselves in Mixteco and they'll just crack up.  Apparently it's not very common that 19 year old white boys try to learn a weird dialect from the abandoned hills of Mexico.  The several different responses on their faces definitely made the week entertaining! 
Well I love you all and will email you next week. Go surfing for me will ya?:)  Stay cool and enjoy the weather.

Love always and forever,

Elder Smith

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