First Week of My Third Transfer in the Mission

June 9, 2014

Hello loved ones,
How was everyone's week? I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of a great summer vacation. The weather is hopefully beautiful in all parts of the world.  The weather here in Washington is getting a little bit toasty therefore the air conditioning is essential.  For a missionary, summer means bringing out the short sleeve shirts and walking as minimally as possible.  Thank goodness our companionship has a car.  Hopefully this doesn't affect my weight....not walking and always consuming mexican food. Uh oh. 
Speaking of our companionship, I received a new companion this week.  My new companions name is Elder Chadwick. Elder Chadwick is from American Fork, Utah. Who would've guessed, a missionary from Utah!  He is a super nice guy and we're already getting along great! Elder Chadwick enjoys sports and is a huge fan of Star Wars.  He has been on his mission for 22 1/2 and I will probably kill him.  Before you freak out, the term to "kill a missionary" is used when a missionary is leaving their mission. Therefore, if I am his companion when he finishes his mission, I will kill him. Also, we recently moved houses.  We were recently living by ourselves in an apartment which I loved.  However, we are now living with the Ashton Family which are very sweet older members. It's an extremely nice house so I'm not going to complain. Sometimes I really think and appreciate the fact that I'm serving my mission in the United States.  We get a little bit spoiled.  
This week, we had the privilege to listen to Brother Ridd.  Brother Ridd spoke in this last general conference, giving a powerful talk and testimony.  For the WKM Missionaries, he spoke to us about true intent and the doctrine of Christ.  He spoke about how true intent and love are directly correlated. This is something that has struck me as an essential characteristic a missionary must possess.  Love is the essence of this gospel.  I've enjoyed feeling others love for me and expressing my love towards them on the mission.  
The work here in Othello is going to progress, I HAVE FAITH!  However, Spanish work is going to get slow because the World Cup is about to begin.  Actually, this may mean that they'll all be in their houses!  SWEET!  I'm really starting to adjust to the spanish culture and I love it.  For example, I had a rare dish called menudo this week. Menudo is cow stomach, pretty cool huh?  Well, it wasn't. I have never eaten something so strange and un appetizing in my entire life.  I was essentially eating the fat inside of a cows stomach.  However, it was well worth the experience and I'm glad I licked my plate clean.
Well I hope everyone has a great week and applies the sunscreen.  Stay classy San Diego:)

Love Always,

Elder Smith

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