Last Week of Second Transfer

June 2, 2014

Hello Family and Friends!
I hope everyone had a great week and are getting those bathing suits, sunscreen, and sunglasses ready for a hot summer!  I can't believe summer is just a couple of days away, time flies by so incredibly fast. We received exciting summer news here in the Washington, Kennewick Mission because we received our transfer calls!  Transfer calls go out to all missionaries and tell us if we will be moving areas!
Fortunately, I will be staying right where I'm at in Othello, Washington.  I couldn't be more grateful to serve here for at least one more transfer.  However, both of my other companions are getting transferred to other others in Washington. Elder Hansen will be moving to Brooster, Washington and Elder Ribeiro will be going to Mattawa, Washington.  I've really enjoyed the time I've spent with these two missionaries.  We've had several memorable moments and spiritual ones as well.  However, I look forward to receiving my new companion Elder Chadwick! Elder Chadwick has been on his mission for about 20 months and is an amazing missionary. 
Also, this week we put one of our investigators back on date!  Natalio is hopefully going to get baptized the 20th of this month.  The rest of our investigators are slowly progressing and will continue as they strive to live the gospel of Christ.  That's probably the thing I love most about my mission.  As I help others grow and build to Christ, I notice myself continually progressing with my investigators.  Also, I've really come to love all of the members here in Othello.  As I progress in my Spanish and can hold a conversation, I'm finally getting to become close and rely on the members.  One member in particular is named Brother Serna.  Brother Serna is a spiritual, sociable, and crazy man.  He is a one of those members that is fully committed to the missionary work and will come out with us every single day!  It's so incredible to know that some people are so committed to helping others come unto Christ and receive the restored gospel.  
Like always, we also had several opportunities to do service.  I honestly don't think I've ever picked so many weeds in my life! Also, we got to mow a huge lawn this week:)  They are putting us to work and I love it!
Well I hope everyone has a great week, Ill be sending you an email all about my new companion next week!  I love you guys!

Love Always,
Elder Smith 

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