Last Week of My First Transfer

Happy Late Easter Family and Friends!
I hope everyone had an amazing Easter week filled with fun and family. Easter is truly a beautiful time of the year where we get the opportunity to remember Christ's resurrection.  In Washington, it is beautiful to see all the crops beginning to blossom and come back to life just as our Savior did.  What an amazing event to commemorate.
My week has been ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!  We've been blessed to see various miracles and find several new investigators.  Over the past 9 months, Othello has been a dead zone as far as baptisms and progressing investigators. However, my companion and I were thrilled to hear that two of our investigators have an urge to be baptized!  Two separate investigators came up to us at church and asked how they could go about doing this.  My companion and I just looked at each other with a huge smile. The Lord is truly preparing his sons and daughters to make these baptismal covenants.  I hope with all my heart, they will continue this urge and fully commit to baptism.  It was a great Easter gift.
Speaking of Easter gifts, I was so grateful to receive several packages from my family.  My mom always seems to spoil me even when I'm hundreds of miles away from her!  One of the greatest gifts in these packages was a photo book entailing a short history of my life.  My mom put so much effort into this book which resulted in several tears.  
One of our investigators that speaks Mixteco, Natalio, is also progressing tremendously.  During one of the lessons this week, Natalio had the question, "Why are there so many churches?"  Fortunately, we have the perfect answer. The lesson went great and he agreed with everything we told him. We asked him to say the final prayer and it was an extremely spiritual moment.  He thanked God for sending his two best friends to him.  I almost cried...  Please keep Natalio in your prayers that he will progress.  Good things are happening and I truly hope they continue.
WOW!  Missionary work is so incredible! I've had so many spiritual experiences this week and witnessed miracles pouring down on us.  We also had exchanges and I had the privilege to be with Elder Varnon.  Elder Varnon and I are greenies, therefore it was extremely interesting doing Spanish work.  There were a lot of moments where we just stared blankly and didn't know how to respond.  "Yo no se como responder," we stated.  The day went great and it was definitively a memorable experience.  
Well, I really miss everyone dearly and hope your Easter week went great. LOVE Y'ALL.
Elder Smith

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