Mexico MTC- Week 4

Holla Desde Mexico,
¿Como le va familia? I've missed you all and am always thinking about you from here in Mexico.  The weather here has been great as always, and the food is still mediocre.  It's been strange thinking about the little amount of time I have left here at the CCM.  There are days I feel like I just got here and other days where I can't wait to get out into the field and teach the people of Washington.  The Spanish is slowly progressing, but there is no possible way anyone could learn in six weeks.  I have developed a daily plan to help me progress more and more every day. 
The week started off with the longest day I've had here.  It was a great day, it just felt like three packed into one! That same day, my teacher asked me if I could teach the class during our language session.  I'd never taught a lesson in Spanish before, but it was exciting.  My teacher and I traded name tags for the class.  
Also, this week we started having district pow wows in our room at 9:30 p.m. after the long day.  We simply write in our journals and bop our heads to some gospel piano music.  It's pretty hardcore;) 
The following couple of days were the typical amazing days at the CCM.  I was noticing major progress in my teaching and was feeling more confident.  Also, we had the privilege to talk to our investigator about the law of chastity... for the first time.  Sunday was a very emotional day for my companion and I.  We had to say goodbye to some of the best people we met at the MTC. Also, we watched a video about the restoration, which always seems to make me cry.  That night, my Branch President asked my companion and I if we would be the new Zone Leaders.  We gratefully accepted and were excited to serve in this leadership position. 
The following days were not so great in all honesty.  There was a stomach bug going around, and I got it.  Everyone thinks it is due to the food, but we're not too sure.  Several people have been affected, therefore they are taking several precautions.  Also, I had one of my most stressful days at the CCM.  I was unenthusiastic and feeling groggy.  However, the next day I picked myself up and had a complete change of mentality.  Not every day can be great, right? 
"Do your better, not your best" 
This quote really stood out to me this past week.  I know that if I can do more and more each day and focus on progressing, I will succeed. Also, our teacher Hermano Salazar has been the most influential person to help me progress.  This man doesn't speak English, but has the most incredible power to make you feel excited and feel the spirit day after day.  Saying goodbye to him will definitely be challenging due to the large impact he's had on my time here at the MTC. 
Wow, just 11 more days in Mexico.  I'm going to miss the terrible food, the cockroaches, and my companion.  Having this opportunity to learn and grow is simply incredible.  I know that this church is flawless and can help many people become more Christ like.  Feeling the spirit day after day is truly a blessing.  
Yo se que esta iglesia es la iglesia de Jesucristo.  Esta iglesia no tiene errors y es perfecta.  Sin mi iglesia, no puedo segir el ejemplo de Jesucristo.  Yo se que Jose Smith pudo ver nuestro Padre Celestial y su Hijo tambien.  Estoy muy agredecido por El Libro de Mormon y las enzenanzas en esto libro.  El Espiritu Santo tiene un poder y puede cambiar vidas.  Yo dico estos cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Elder Smith

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