Final Week in the MTC

Como le va familia,
Well, this week marks my final week here in Mexico City, Mexico. Surprisingly, every week has flown by within the blink of an eye, and this week was no different.
In all honesty, this week consisted of our same routine that begins at 6:30 a.m. and ends at 9:30 p.m..  Here are some of the highlights of my week. I finally reached the one month mark of our mission which means I only have 23 months left!  I'm almost finished;)  Also, on Sunday we had a very spiritual testimony meeting which consisted of our zone and President Pratt (CCM President).  The spirit was so strong in that room, but I had to really focus on being reverent. Why?  During the meeting, there was a ginormous Mexican party occurring right outside of the gates of the CCM.  Usually, windows and doors distort the sound or completely mute noise.  However, this music (Which happened to be American House Music...My Favorite) was blasting during Sacrament meeting.  I had to restrain myself from standing up and dancing.
During our weekly devotional, I volunteered to say the opening prayer in Spanish which was an amazing experience.  I was also stunned when I saw a package come in the mail containing cookies with smiley faces on the icing.  Thanks family!  My district also walked in on me dancing to some gospel music.  They were stunned, but it was highly appropriate given the situation.  Just because you're a missionary, doesn't mean you can't have a blast right?
When reflecting back on my experience at the CCM, I realize how fortunate I am to have come to such a beautiful place.  I've gone through a few hard moments, but for the most part this journey has served as a blessing in my life.  Also, the best is still to come in these next 23 months. Several people have asked me if I'm nervous to step into the mission field and teach real investigators.  I simply reply "no."  I respond with this simple phrase because I know that wherever I go and whoever I teach, the Savior will be right by my side guiding my steps.  We watched an amazing video this week comparing missionary work and The Atonement of Jesus Christ.  It discussed how our trials while serving a mission are incomparable to that of Jesus Christ's.  I KNOW that Washington is the place for me to serve my mission.  Fortunately, my experience at the CCM has well prepared me to enter the mission field with confidence and the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.  The CCM has provided me with inspirational teachers, lots of investigators, and a basic knowledge of Spanish.
I know this church is true.  I wouldn't spend two years of my life proselytizing if it wasn't.  A mission isn't the best two years OF your life.  A mission is the best two years FOR your life.  I know this to be true, as much as I know that Our Heavenly Father loves us.  I have a firm testimony regarding the Prophet Joseph Smith.  THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY that this man would give his life for a false book.  Elder Holland, "There's no way a wicked man could make up such a book, and there's no way a righteous man would write it."  I know this to be true, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Smith 

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