Week One in the Mission Field!

Hello my AMAZING Family and Friends!
What an awesome week!  Lots of things have happened in this past week.  It began when I left the Mexico MTC and headed on a plane to the "beautiful" Washington.  I had an extremely long day of flying, but it was relaxing as well.  Once we arrived to the airport in Pasco, Washington, I was immediately greeted with a bear hug from President Ware. (Our Mission President)  I felt so welcomed and loved right when I arrived.  After, we headed to the mission home where I met Sister Ware.  We were greeted by her and the other 18 or so missionaries that had also arrived that same day.  It was an incredible sight to see all these missionaries ready to serve the Lord.  
The following day we had training and were told where our first area would be in our mission.  They called my name and assigned me to the Columbia Basin Zone to preach the gospel in both Spanish AND Mixteco.  At first I thought I heard the President wrong when he claimed I'd be learning two new languages, but to my surprise there was no mistake.  My new companion and I are the only two missionaries in the entire mission that are speaking this rare language.  I was then introduced to my new companion and we drove to the dry city of Othello.  As we were driving, I was expecting beautiful greenery and lovely scenery.  However, the drive consisted of only desert and farmland.  My perception of Washington changed completely! 
My first companion in the mission field is Elder Hansen.  He is from Pennsylvania and has been in the field for about 13 months.  Elder Hansen and I get along very well and are excited to convert this entire city!  Our apartment is fairly nice and has all the essentials a missionary needs.  The day we arrived we immediately taught three lessons that first night.  I'm not going to lie, I wanted to pass out on the recliner, but he said, "LET'S GO!"  I quickly gathered my scriptures and I was out doing the thing I had prepared six weeks for.
My first lesson in the mission was with Luisa and Ricardo.  It was probably one of the most awkward situations of my life, in all honesty.  The investigators and my companion began rambling off in Spanish as I sat dumbfounded, staring.  "This isn't the language they taught in the MTC," I thought to myself.  Spanish is very different out in the mission field!  However, I know that I'll be able to get it down after a couple of months and hopefully become fluent.  The week consisted of several more lessons that were extremely spiritual.  We taught so many lessons, that all of them began mashing into one.  I absolutely love teaching and seeing all the unique backgrounds our investigators have.  I also had the opportunity to ask one of our investigators to be baptized, Mario was his name.  This man had such a great testimony about the church and knows it's true, but he just needs some time to think about his decisions.  
Before coming on my mission, several previous missionaries said that you truly have to care about the people and investigators you teach.  I couldn't agree more with this statement.  Although I hardly know or can understand these investigators, I already feel a deep love for all of them.  I've also learned that the Hispanic culture is based off love and compassion.  Words cannot not describe the joy I feel to be in this wonderful city of Othello, Washington.
My companion told me I'd probably be in this area for a good amount of time.  Quite frankly I'm ecstatic that he said this because after just one week here, I feel like I'm at home.  The Lord is truly hastening the work and it is a remarkable sight.  As were driving in our "CAR" (yeah we got a car;)) I just stare out the window and realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to serve a mission.  Without a doubt, these will be the best two years of my life and the best two years for my life.  I know this church is true with all my heart.  That is why several young men and women devote so many years of their life to help others come to realize that this truly is Christ's Church.  Y estoy muy agradecido que soy un parte de esta obra.
I hope everyone is doing well! I miss and love each of every one of you and always keep you in my thoughts! 
Nos Vemos,
Elder Smith

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