Mexico-MTC Week 3

Hello My Dear Family,
Word's cannot describe how thankful I am for all the letters you sent me.  One of my favorite parts of the week is running to the computer on my P-Day and seeing what you're up too.  I hope you are all getting wonderful weather because it has been absolutely gorgeous here in Mexico City, Mexico. It is baffling to here all the police sirens at night though.  They keep me awake, but it is reassuring to know that I'm in a safe place.  
This amazing week started off with Valentines Day!  Of course we can't actively celebrate this holiday here at the CCM, but my companion and I did give everyone in our zone a folded up heart and a candy to go with it.  Also, my parents sent me a card to open up on Valentine's Day which I was very appreciative for.  That day, Friday, we also had our second service project.  This week's project was for our zone to go around the MTC and wipe off dust in the classrooms.  I love doing service projects, I'm not too sure why though.  That night, we also had a very spiritual lesson about how the Book of Mormon can help us and our investigators receive revelation.  We had to first think of a question we had.  My question was, "Why do I sometimes become so stressed with the language."  Fortunately, I got a direct answer through a chapter in Nephi.  
The following day was pretty average. However, I did memorize the entire first vision and utilized it in our lesson that night.  The lesson went super well, except my companion and I forgot to ask him to be baptized! Whoops!  We should always ask our investigators to be baptized on the first visit, which I am finding to be quite a challenge.  
Sunday was great, it always is.  In sacrament, we all are expected to prepare a talk.  After, they randomly pick on Elder's or Sister's right then and there to speak.  I have not yet been chosen, but I probably will this upcoming week.  The topic is the fall of Adam and Eve.  That night, I also had to say goodbye to Elder Plummer.  Elder Plummer and I have been great friends ever since attending BYU with each other.  
The rest of the week flew by in the blink of an eye.  The days here are so long, but the weeks are so short.  That's the common saying around the CCM.  Throughout the week, I learned about the importance of applying doctrine in my lessons.  I've learned that to be a good teacher you must demonstrate confidence and power through the Spirit.  I always feel a sense of joy when I teach the investigators.  
Thursday, today, we were able to go to the Mexico City Temple.  Although the temple was closed, it was an extremely spiritual experience.  The visitors center is beautiful and has some of the greatest technology I've ever seen.  It was crazy to drive through such an impoverished area, then be in such a quiet and peaceful place.  Driving through the city was definitely a culture shock.  There are so many people with no food or water, many stray dogs, and several people crammed in such a small place.  I will never forget the man I saw trying to get water from sprinklers.  The water was sitting on the grass, and he was scooping up the water mixed with dirt.  Observing the city made me so tremendously grateful to have such a blessed life.  This is an experience I will never forget.  However, some of them seemed so happy.  It was tear jerking to see people with so little, be so happy.  This was definitely an experience that will change my mentality on life.  
I'm am so grateful to be on my mission.  Words cannot describe how happy I am to wake up every day and repeat the same pattern.  While you learn and preach the gospel, you always have a brighter day and feel different.  My testimony is strengthening, and I'm utilizing the scriptures more and more each day.  Love you all so much.  I challenge you all to read a chapter a day in the Book of Mormon. 
                                Nos vemos,
                                       Elder Smith 


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