"As We Draw Near to God, He Will Draw Near to Us."

September 14, 2015 

Family and Friends,
What an incredible week it has been to be a missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. The Lord is raining down miracles upon our Brother's and Sister's and preparing thousands to receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. The weather is getting cooler and the Spanish work will start picking up in the near future. Spanish work during this time of year is incredibly difficult because of "la pisca." This is the time of year when a large amount of people are out in the field picking fresh fruit. Speaking of fruit, I have eaten more fruit in this past month than I have in my entire life. (I hope you are proud of me mommy and daddy.)
We are relieved that transfer week has finished. Everyone is in their areas and where they need to be which couldn't make us happier. On transfer day, we drove about 6 hours which was actually better than usual. We're starting to utilize members more frequently to make our lives a little easier. It's amazing how transfers always work out, the transportation of over 100 missionaries can be a little tricky at times. Elder Archibald and I feel like travel planners. It's really quite FUN! I love all the missionaries that surround me in the WYM. Every single missionary I meet has his/her unique spiritual gifts and talents. 
We also had trainer/trainee and the Doctrine of Christ specialized training's this week. I was privilege to give a training on repentance, something I know a lot about;) It's always a wonderful experience being in front of the Elder's and Sister's and hearing their great feedback to the questions I ask them. With missionaries, you always have a good audience. 

Well I hope your weeks are wonderful, I miss you all so much!
Elder Smith

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