An Outstretched Hand

October 12, 2015 

Family and Friends,
To give you a brief run down of my week, I will describe it using only 5 words. Wonderful, Incredible, Joyful, Revelatory, and Faith-Filled. I can't find one thing to complain about in my life at this point in time.LIFE IS GOOD, LIFE IS WONDERFUL, LIFE IS HONESTLY THE GREATEST! 
This week, we had an amazing opportunity to go on 4 exchanges with other missionaries. I always love how much you can learn from one another and how we can always progress to become more consecrated missionaries. One of my favorite quotes of all time says, "When you think you've arrived, you've never been further." In missionary service, we can become very comfortable with teaching the gospel, talking with people on the streets, etc. However, it's important to always remain humble and be teachable. If we open our hearts to the promptings of the spirit, he will tell us specific things we need to work on. I came to this conclusion while I was proselyting with another missionary. I thought to myself, "I feel normal, I could do this for the rest of my life, this is really not that hard talking to people about the restored gospel." Shortly after, I had a humbling experience. A wonderful scripture in D&C states, "And it is my will that ye shall humble yourselves before me, and obtain this blessing by your diligence and humility and the prayer of faith." The spirit touched my heart and told me now is the time you need to progress more than you ever have before. I learned that I can't become complacent, but develop a mentality of constant improvement. Self-contentment will fail, but self-improvement will allow growth. 
Therefore, this week I came to the conclusion that I am not "stripped of pride." It was incredible to realize how much more I need to do. 
I hope your week was wonderful.
Love Always,
Elder Smith

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