Reach Out With Love

August 10, 2015 

Family and Friends,
To start the week off, we were extremely busy planning training's and traveling around the mission. After all the training's were done, we made our way back to Yakima just in time to start preparing for this month's MLC (Mission Leadership Council). After several late nights and much scrambling to help put together this meeting, we were grateful to have an MLC which was directed by the spirit in all aspects. At every MLC, we have the sacred opportunity to help set the baptismal goal as a council for the current and upcoming month. As we all pondered together, we discussed together for about 45 mins in regards to the goal for August. After much prayer, we came to the conclusion that if we press forward with faith and act in all diligence, each companionship in the mission can be blessed with one baptism. Therefore, we set the goal as 57 baptisms. Words can't explain the incredible power of the spirit to direct and guide our conversation at MLC this month. We asked ourselves, how are we going accomplish this goal and how can we all be committed? We came to the conclusion that through dedication and prayers of faith, we can do all things. We agreed that at 7amevery morning, we as the Washington Yakima Missionaries will kneel in prayer to call down the powers of heaven to bless each and every person by name who currently has a baptismal date. We are incredibly excited. 
When Friday night came, we were committed to inviting everyone to baptism for the month of August, but we hadn't had a single second in our area. Let's pray, we decided. The next morning, we received a text from some other missionaries close by that said they had someone for us to teach. We met with the gentleman the following day and taught The Plan of Salvation. Come to find out, Ray has a desire to be baptized this month and knows the Book of Mormon is the word of God. His exact words were, "So my friend is also Mormon and lives in Oregon, what time is my baptism on August 29th? I'm just really excited and want him to come." My jaw dropped and my eyes opened wide due to an added measure of excitement. That was miracle number one. The second miracle is that we had the privilege to meet a girl named Anna. Anna has met with missionaries in the past and has a sudden urge to be baptized. She's been listening to Thomas S. Monson, knows Joseph Smith was a Prophet etc. She now has a baptismal date for September 12th. We can't take any credit for the miracles which our Heavenly Father has blessed us with this past week. Our prayers were answered. I love this gospel and I love my mission.

Love all of you to death,
Elder Smith

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