Moments and Molecules that Make Up Eternity!

January 12, 2015 
Family and Friends,
I send you all my love from Washington this Monday morning and hope your week was full of joy. Our week here in Quincy, Washington has been exciting and full of several strange situations. I think that may just be one of my favorite parts about my mission, the awkwardness at times. It seems as if awkward situations have followed me since day one of my mission. However, as the saying goes, "It's only awkward if you make it awkward!" There is a ton of truth behind that statement. 
First off, I have to state how grateful I am for the members who feed us here in Quincy.  They are amazing and I love their desire to serve and make sure we are well fed.  This past week, I had two different members accidentally lean over and let out some flatulence towards me. I simply couldn't hold in the laughter and neither could the members. "Whoops, sorry I had beans for lunch," one of the members claimed. It's amazing how even something like that can allow you to build strong relationships with the members of the church.  "Moments are molecules that make up eternity."-Elder Neil A. Anderson.  This was definitely a memorable moment.  
Another memorable moment this week occurred when we knocked on the door of one of our potential investigators. As we knocked we heard several loud voices coming from inside the house. We thought it might not be a good time, but we knocked regardless. To our surprise, as the door opened we found a group of 10-15 people sitting in a circle around a statue of Christ. "Well look who it is, come on in," they said to us. (All of this is in Spanish btw) Initially, I was terrified because I thought they were going to scrutinize our church and "bash". They began their session my standing around the statue and reciting this long prayer as my companion and I both stood awkwardly. They finished and began reading out of the Bible. We all testified of the power of Jesus Christ and it was very powerful. Entering into that house, I could sense that they wanted to argue, but by simply testifying of our Savior they softened their hearts immediately. One woman in particular began crying because she claimed she is far from perfect. We bore simple testimonies of the power of our Savior's love which brought comfort to her heart. Although the situation was slightly awkward at first, it was powerful. I just sat and thought to myself, "Where am I?" haha
Also, this week the Fernandez family came to church for the second week in a row! WHOOOPPEEEE! They are amazing and we are praying so hard that they get baptized. Please keep them in your prayers.
I love you all so very much and hope you have an amazing week. Talk to you soon<3

Love Always,

Elder Smith

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