Week 3 in beautiful Otello, Washington

Como le va familia y amigos,
I have passed my two month mark of my mission and it seems as if I just left Huntington Beach yesterday!  The mission life is treating me excellently, AS ALWAYS!  This week I had a grand privilege to do over 15 hours of service for both members and non-members.  One of the best parts of the week is when we volunteer at the Othello Food Bank.  I always have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and hopefully get some meat on my bones as well. Service this week also included building a little girls massive dollhouse and moving furniture.  Aww I just love doing service, it's one of my favorite parts of missionary work.
Also this week, we found a new investigator named Natalio.  Natalio is a 19 year old who speaks Spanish, English, and Mixteco!  My companion and I have already grown close to him and enjoy having him teach us the basics of Mixteco!  "O'ee-bow-umm, daba-koo-bi-chin-deo-o!"  It's such an amazing language, but I've been working on focusing my studies on Spanish.  It's been a lot better this week and the Hispanics claim I speak good Spanish, but I'm sure they tell that to everyone.  All of our investigators are doing well and are SLOWLY, but surely progressing.  I also met our ward mission leader for the first time this week.  Unfortunately he is less active, but is an amazing person with three great kids! (One of them being Nefi or Nephi)<-----Isn't that an awesome name.  The members are treating us well here in Othello and we are always beyond grateful for their support with the missionary work.
I'm still continuing my studies with the Book of Mormon and am loving every word I come across!  Our mission president asks that we spend 30 minutes of our personal study reading Preach My Gospel, and the rest of the time reading The Book of Mormon.  This book has the power to provide myself the energy boost I need for the remainder of the day. Preach My Gospel has also provided guidance and direction.  
Today, I had the opportunity to attend the Columbia River Temple for the first time.  It is a beautiful temple (Aren't they all;)) and the spirit was DEFINITELY there. The work done in the temple is truly a beautiful thing that can bless several lives. The temple reminded me a lot of the Newport Beach Temple and the beauty both the temples possess.   
Words cannot describe how much I miss my family and friends at home! You all mean so much to me and have made such an impact on my life. There's not one day that goes by that I don't think about the wonderful people in my life.  I love you all so very much! 
-Elder Smith

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