The Voice of the Spirit

August 25, 2015 

Family and Friends,
My heart is full of gratitude for the amazing week we have all shared here in this new Washington Yakima Mission. We had the sacred privilege of meeting with Elder and Sister Packer. As they addressed us, joy and gratitude filled my heart for the wonderful blessing it is to be a missionary. Especially as one of the pioneers of this newly formed mission.  As we greeted Elder Packer, you could feel a strong spirit and power about him. Throughout these past couple of days, my testimony has increased in regards to the importance of Priesthood Keys. 
Although I could talk for several days in regards to what Elder Packer talked to us about, I will highlight one of the most prominent truths he shared with us. He talked about the importance of always being in tune with the spirit and how to create a spiritual environment with our investigators. I learned that the Holy Ghost plays a key role in the conversion of our brothers and sisters. "If ye have not the spirit, ye shall not teach." Our job as missionaries is to help them make contact with the Holy Ghost. This can be done by teaching simply, personal worthiness, etc. However, I learned that a continual positive attitude is essential to allow others to feel the spirit. Being happy is a choice and there is so much meaning and power behind a simple smile. The gospel makes us smile, so why not allow others to share that same smile? When we share the gospel, we must realize that we often times over complicate it! If we are a light to those around us and they recognize the light, change will occur. Show forth love, be a worthy you, and allow them to recognize the love God has for them. SO SIMPLE YET SO EFFECTIVE. The voice of the spirit is one of love and comfort. 
The rest of last week was wonderful as well. We have been incredibly busy running around on exchanges and enjoying the mission culture and lifestyle. LIFE IS JUST SUCH A BLESSING! I feel so grateful for everything Heavenly Father has blessed me with. 
Please pray for everyone affected by the fires up here in Washington. We have had to evacuate some missionaries due to the heavy winds and intense fires. PRAY PLEASE!

Well, I hope you also had a joyful week! I love you so incredibly much, you are all wonderful.
Elder Smith

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