Elder Smith is in the MTC!

Elder Smith has made it to the Mexico MTC! After a long flight delay he is finally there and it looks like he already loves it :) Here is the email he sent Mom and Dad :)


Hi Mom and Dad,
I just got here and love it already! I also just received my first companion and my name tags. Mexico is absolutely incredible. It was such a culture shock driving through the city and seeing a much different culture. And yes my flight got delayed quite a bit, therefore it was a long day of traveling. Everyone here is so sweet and I know I'm in good hands. And as far as leaving, you did an incredible job! You barely cried, although you probably did afterwards. Please show this to Dad and tell him that I love him very much. And I did meet the 13 other missionaries and have befriended all of them including the one you met in Long Beach. The guy I got along most with is actually going to my same mission and he is my first companion. I honestly couldn't be happier mom and dad. And I'm trying my best to take photos. My first companion wants to be a photographer so that works out huh? Truth is, I did not expect my first day to go like this at all. The airline service was awful, but we as missionaries have to be patient. It is eleven o clock and we are heading to bed soon so I have to go, but I love you guys very much. I couldn't be in a better place.
Love you, Christopher
Hasta Luego!

I got a much shorter email, but it made my day knowing he was safe :)

Miss you already!

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